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Wine to Hong Kong

Gavin Trott here from the Australian Wine Centre.

It was with great interest I read that Hong Kong has reduced and lowered its import tax on wine.

This tax, only a year or so ago, was at 80%, before being lowered. At a rate like that it made importing wines your self from overseas quite difficult, and expensive. However, the new import rate os 0%, in short, wines brought into Hong Kong for your use, derives no import duties at all.

This is a fantastic bonus for any Hong Kong residents seeking to purchase fine wines, at great prices.

It means that we can now ship you your choice of great wines from here in Australia, door to door, and land them with you at unbeatable prices, with no import duties payable.

Indeed, given the rebates that you receive from local WET and GST taxes, it means we can deliver your choice of wines, to your door, at very attractive prices, given that these rebates often cancel out most, sometimes all, of the freight costs!

Let me give you an example of a case of the fantastic 2014 Kalleske Greenock Shiraz.

This wine is $40.00 per bottle with us , which is $Aud480.00 for a full case.

A case of this wine, delivered to your door in Hong Kong would cost you $528.00, with a 0 duty added.

In short, it will cost you about the same to have that case of wine delivered to you in Hong Kong, than if you lived next door to us. (different wines will have different outcomes, but this is a great illustration)

Even better, larger shipments (5 cases or more) the freight cost per case drops rapidly, and would be even better value!

If this sounds of interest to you, please do feel free to contact me for any more information, for a quote of your choice, or for any assistance.

It would be my pleasure to help with your wine needs, now, or at any other time.