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tchillbag Crystal Clear

tchillbag Crystal Clear

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Is a gift bag to carry a bottle of wine or Champagne. Its the funkiest & trendiest ice bucket – add water and ice and enjoy a chilled drink within minutes

The perfect gift: smart, useful and inexpensive. It is the clever and trendy alternative to the old metallic paper bottle gift bag and it doesn't end in the fill after a single use!

It is strong, watertight, reusable and recyclable. Add some to your next wine purchase, or with your wine gift .

Crystal Clear. Classic, elegant, fits any situation.

The very sleek and very sexy tchillbag® (pronounce chillbag) is a Smart Ice Bucket and gift bag all in one.

tchillbag® is made out of a special thick treated PVC. It holds easily one bottle of mineral water, wine or champagne plus water and ice. It is strong, watertight, reusable and recyclable making it ultra reliable and friendly to the environment.

Whether it's for indoors or out, thillbag is the ideal accessory for a picnic in the park, a dinner at a BYO restaurant, a BBQ with friends or as the perfect gift bag for that special celebratory champagne.

Chills your wine, mineral water or Champagne in much less time that a traditional ice bucket does. Simply put in your chosen bottle and pad out the tchillbag with fresh water and ice cubes.
Enjoy a chilled drink within minutes & you now have a portable ice bucket!

Becomes rigid when chilled by the ice cubes, always perfectly stable on a table.
Unlike any product on the market, the tchillbag contains a special stiffening agent in its durable PVC that reacts with ice to create a solid bag that won't topple over when filled.

tchillbag® takes no space in your kitchen drawer your hand bag or your car glove box. Just fold it and store it until the next party!

It's the perfect present for friends, family, and business associates: smart, useful and inexpensive, perfectly presenting any bottle of wine or bubbles in style

It is the clever and trendy alternative to the odd metallic paper bottle gift bag. And it doesn't end in the fill!
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